3 Common Backup Pitfalls

When designing a backups strategy for your business, make sure to address these 3 common backup pitfalls.

1. Can you restore?

The first thing many people overlook is practicing restoring files.  You should test your backup at least once a quarter to make sure you can restore files.  You don’t want to find out about a problem on the day you really need your backups!

2. Offsite.

Many people overlook having an offsite copy of their data.  Many disasters have the potential to destroy all the data you have in once place.  Not just big things like a tornado or fire, but common smaller things like a water leak or a burglary can result in losing your backup data if you only have one copy and that copy is in your main building.You should always keep at least one copy of backup data at a location other than your main place of business.

3. Changes.

Lastly, but certainly no less important, is forgetting to back up new computers or data that might show up.  Business changes over time and new employees, new computers, and new software is going to come along.  Make sure that you review your backups any time something changes in the office to make sure you get the new things covered.