3 Ways To Improve Your Business Security

Security is a tricky and ever changing thing.  Here are a few quick tips to help make your business more secure.

1. Use a password manager.

Password managers are highly useful both personally and in business for keeping track of accounts.  In business, the sharing features are invaluable.  LastPass, for example, allows you to share a login with someone without revealing the password.  So you could allow an employee to log into the business online banking site without them knowing the password themselves.  When that employee leaves, you can remove the share and know that they can no longer log into the business account.

2. Update computers.

Updates can be a pain, but they are also key to staying ahead of the bad guys.  A very common security misstep is allowing computers to fall behind with security updates.  Bad guys will often times get years of use out of an attack because updates are not done in a timely manor.

3. Do a security audit.

Security audits aren’t just for the big guys.  Any business with computers should be doing a security audit periodically.  A security professional can give you an overview of current threats and help you address any concerns that they find.  Even if you don’t believe your business is a large target, if you have any employee data or any customer data that is sensitive, there is risk of compromise and you should make sure you’re addressing that risk.